For the United States Presidential Election set for November 2020 Senator Kamala Harris now stands among the top potential candidates as Joe Biden’s running mate.

In the wake of the ongoing national movement against systemic racism, the Indian-Jamaican senator will bring a crucial perspective to the white Democrat presidential candidate.

However, her past as an Attorney-General of California and Francisco might pose risks if chosen as Biden’s running mate. Critics have focused on her regressive stances which gives her portfolio a negative tint.

Although in recent weeks, Senator Harris has been vocal against Trump and has consistently voiced for police reform laws and so on. She even passed an anti-lynching bill in the US Senate as a step to secure justice for people of color. Even during her time as an Attorney-General, Harris has always held Trump and his administration accountable at many instances of power-abuses.

The coronavirus pandemic also led Harris to disclose the failure of the Trump administration in administering economic and health-care activities.

Kamala Harris’ voice of opposition is rendered an essential quality for the Democrats in the upcoming elections. Moreover, as the only woman of color in the Senate, she might be a crucial key to reducing hostilities between Black Americans and Donald Trump, as mentioned by a University of San Francisco professor James Lance Taylor.