Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, the Vice President-elect of the United States America has decided to resign from her Senate seat on 18th January, Monday. Her resignation has to be made before the inauguration ceremony on 20th January.

Harris has already begun the process after notifying Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California. This decision regarding her resignation is expected to be formally announced by the Senate on Monday itself.

Kamala Harris Prepares To Step Into A New Role

Along with being the Vice President of the US, Kamala Harris will also be stepping into the new position of the president of the US Senate. This new role will bring her the opportunity to act as a tie-breaker in cases of 50-50 votes as well as preside over the Senate chamber.

Newsom had previously announced the replacement of Harris. Alex Padilla will take on the responsibility of the State Secretary of California for the remaining term that will end in 2022.

Kamala Harris was elected in the Senate in the year 2016 and rapidly gained recognition owing to her critical questioning style for the leading US officials. Harris has also made an agreement with the Republicans for brief periods of time regarding the issues including criminal justice and election security throughout her tenure in the Senate.

One of her aides has informed that her resignation from the Senate is not a farewell. In fact, she is getting ready to take the oath to don a greater position and higher responsibility. Harris’ win at the US presidential elections in November 2020 created history. This is because she is the first female, first Asian American, and first Black American to win the 2nd highest US office.