Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake described his newborn as very cute and awesome. Timberlake finally revealed that he is now a dad of two! During his virtual appearance as a guest on the show of Ellen DeGeneres on Monday, the actor and singer,39, confirmed that Jessica Biel, his wife, and he welcomed their second child, whom they named Phineas.

Justin Timberlake talked about how cute and awesome Phineas is and how nobody is sleeping at their house. He is very thrilled and grateful and he cannot be happier than this. In 2015 April, the couple, who initially got married in 2012, had their 1st child, Silas, their son.DeGeneres was one of the few people outside their immediate family to know about the pregnancy of Jessica Biel. He said that they were FaceTiming while Jessica came in and Justin put his hand on her belly while declaring the news about their second child.

Justin Timberlake Is Very Excited To See His Two Sons’ Interaction

When asked about the difficulties of parenting two children, Timberlake jokes that they don’t often get to see each other’s faces anymore. He also added how fun it is to be handling two children together. Silas, their first child appears super excited. Silas who is just five years old is liking it very much, said Justin Timberlake. He also joked how Phineas doesn’t know how to chase Silas or walk yet but he is very excited to see what comes next.

While Silas is the older sibling, he is very much into video gaming. When asked whether Silas has a knack for music like his famous dad, Justin Timberlake confirmed it but said that Silas seems really into tennis and Legos. They bought him one Nintendo Switch. Timberlake terms it as child crack jokingly. Timberlake also shared how Silas likes to golf, however, Timberlake is not pushing it. Silas is very active and fast.