Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas caused himself to lose a sponsor. Ralph Lauren had been the figure behind the sponsorship of the third-ranked world player, for several years. The loss comes from the anti-gay slur delivered by Justin Thomas the last weekend. It happened at the Sentry Tournament of Champions that was held in Hawaii during round three.

The 27-year-old player was found guilty of using a bunch of disheartening words on a microphone. This incident took place when Justin Thomas missed a par putt at the Kapalua plantation course. It was the miss of the fourth hole. It took place on the 9th of January. Everybody overheard what he said. Thomas, later, asked for an apology and stated his reasons for losing his cool. He said that the issue had been distracting him for a long time.

Ralph Lauren To Justin Thompson

The Ralph Lauren company issued a statement following the overhearing of what Justin Thomas said. They mentioned that they were very unhappy with the player for what he did. They further added that whatever was done, was a violation of the values of the company.

Ralph Lauren also mentioned that the apology put forward by Justin Thomas had been acknowledged by them. However, they also have not failed to recognize the fact that he has attacked the culture of inclusivity that was upheld by the company. As the brand’s paid ambassador, it was a blow to the culture of the brand itself.

They concluded the statement by adding that Justin Thomas would no more be sponsored by Ralph Lauren. This decision was taken by keeping in mind the respect the company owes to all its stakeholders. In the last line, Ralph Lauren wished the player to use his resources for the promotion of inclusivity.