Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s manager, recently came forward and criticized the UK government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. He went in to compare the death rate of the country with that of Germany and said that the English citizens were taking the pandemic lightly. 

The Premier League will resume on Sunday with a match against Everton. It is being considered that Liverpool will land on top during the next couple of days. 

The team’s top title went into danger after the matches were postponed due to the pandemic. 

However, Klopp said that losing the top title is nothing compared to the devastation the pandemic has caused in all other walks of life. He emphasized the high coronavirus related death rate of the county

“I didn’t vote for this ­government. This government was the choice of other people. And the problem I had was that I got the news from England and the news from Germany. If aliens looked at us both from the outside, they would think we came from two different planets.”

As of Saturday, the total coronavirus related death toll in the UK stands at 42,000. The number is significantly higher than Germany, which is still below 9,000. 

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has been receiving plenty of praise from around the globe for her handling of the pandemic. Germany is one of the few countries that has successfully gone back to a relatively normal way of life with sufficient safety guidelines. 

While Boris Johnson has been consistently criticized for his slow response. Klopp pointed out the huge delay from the safety officials to make masks mandatory. 

The League has introduced strict safety protocols so that the matches can resume. Any players or staff, if tested positive, have been sent to quarantine immediately.