Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich Are Going Through ‘Difficult’ Time Post-Split!

There’s reasons breaking up is hard to do!!

Even though we saw it truly coming for a while, Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich‘s recent separate was incredibly “difficult on both of them,” and they’re reportedly struggling to get involved with a new groove, single style!

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A source spilled to ET how the former couple happens to be handling their breakup:

“Julianne and Brooks truly were best friends, loved each other, and planned to spend their lives together despite their final decision to call it quits. This split has been difficult on both of them and right now they are doing everything they can to get back to some semblance of normal life without one another.”

Although the Dancing With The Stars alum has reportedly been getting close with hunky Westworld star Ben Barnes, Laich isn’t quite ready to take another relationship just yet:

“[Brooks] isn’t prepared to date yet and is simply trying to get used to his life as a single guy.”

But later on, being in a relationship and having kids is something that he definitely wants! Unfortunately, Hough didn’t appear to feel the same manner:

“In the last two years, those closest to Julianne and Brooks watched as they grew apart,” the source says. “Julianne seemed to be going through a period of self-discovery and change which isn’t what Brooks had planned for. He loved the life they had and wanted nothing more than to build a family together but Julianne wasn’t ready.”

Being on the same page about these major life decisions is really important!!

The former NHL player talked exactly about this in a recent bout of his podcast How Men Think which aired soon after the breakup was announced. Speaking about systemic racism and how he hopes to impart compassion by himself kids, that he shared with co-host Gavin DeGraw and special guest Scott Evans:

 “It’s important to me. I hope to be a father one day. I hope to have the world be a better place for them… one day.”

Just a couple of months earlier, it seemed the now former couple has been headed towards the discussion of kids. Laich explained in an October 2019 ep of the podcast:

“I’m now not an athlete, I’m not playing hockey. So what does life look like now? There’s still a figuring-out process of a new identity for myself. Also with my wife, our relationship — it’s a new identity for our relationship as well.”

We definitely anticipate seeing how all of this plays out later on!!

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