“You may not have lived during a World War, but you are living in one now,” Pirro declared throughout “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” “We are hunkered down, sheltered in place, shutting our businesses and praying for light at the end of the tunnel. Three hundred thousand Americans stricken, more than a thousand killed, and we are nowhere near the apex.”

Pirro stated the nation was at struggle — but had the precise basic in cost.

“The United States is indeed at war, and the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth is now in a wartime posture. We watch President Donald Trump daily as he works to take this nation from a place of frightening vulnerability to a place of physical, economic and spiritual strength,” Pirro stated.

She described Trump as “a leader who understands his number one responsibility is to protect his citizens. At the same time, as a businessman, he is mindful of the free enterprise system that has produced the vast wealth to fund the vital institutions that protect us, including our health care system.”

“And he is working to get us back to that thriving economy that he created for us,” Pirro added. “President Trump’s focus is singular — finding solutions to win this war.”


The host counseled Trump for being targeted on the cornavirus the American folks.

“President Trump doesn’t listen to the lieutenants who are moaning and whining and making outrageous claims as they sit and pontificate about what should be done for them, about what they need, which in some cases they already have,” Pirro stated. “President Trump is more than capable and would be more than justified to counterpunch based on some of those ridiculous claims that he could easily rebut.”

Pirro additionally took China to job for its function within the pandemic.

“China has to be made accountable for, at the very least, its complete lack of transparency. China could have prevented a great deal of pain and loss, both physical and economic, had they been honest — but they never have been honest,” Pirro stated. “And we have a lot of time to think about how this needs to be resolved as it relates to China.”


“Thank God, at this moment in America’s history, we have a businessman as a president of the United States as leader,” Pirro stated.

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