The Department of Justice’s request to block the distribution and sale of John Bolton’s book was denied by Royce Lamberth, a federal judge. John Bolton was the former national security advisor of Trump. 

Bolton’s book, “The Room Where it Happened” is a memoir narrating his White House experience. Royce Lamberth, the United States District Court Judge, wrote that it was impossible to halt the distribution of Bolt’s book. He further explained that over thousands of Bolt’s memoir’s copies have been printed as well as shipped to the distributors already.

White House has been repeatedly trying to block this memoir which will be released this Tuesday. The ruling is significant as it put a damper on White House’s plans to quash it. 

The Justice Department has even sued John Bolton personally. According to the Justice Department, Bolton allegedly defied the NDA he signed.

White House has been particularly antagonistic towards Bolton’s memoir because it paints Trump in a negative light. Trump has been shown to be a “stunningly uninformed” person, who is happy to sabotage his nation’s security to advance his personal interests. 

Saturday’s ruling wasn’t completely in Bolton’s favor. Lamberth even insinuated that Bolton has violated the terms of his employment agreement. He further added that if Bolton’s book doesn’t contain any classified information, the profits from his book would belong to him. However, if he did violate the agreement, then he not only loses his profits, he even incriminates himself. 

Image Credit: Michael Brochstein