A federal employment complaint was filed by a JPMorgan Chase & Co. financial adviser, accusing the bank of maintaining a culture of “unbridled avarice, greed, and misogyny” and undermining her by removing her from consultations, and removing her resources.

According to Gwen Campbell’s lawsuit filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Friday, she faced “sexist decrees” and “name-calling” when she moved to JPMorgan in 2020 with $1.1 billion in assets.

According to persons acquainted with the situation who requested to be anonymous as the report is a secret, the former New York Yankees ace Alex Rodriguez was on Campbell’s client list.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Employee Says She Faced Sexism Since Her Second Day At Work

Campbell filed a federal lawsuit against the bank, back in Dec, saying that personal bankers in a separate section were “ruthlessly” snatching her clients.

After a court dismissed her appeal to temporarily restrict colleagues JPMorgan bankers from soliciting work with customers she got with her when she had been hired from Firm of America Corp, she withdrew the complaint and instead pursued claims against the bank in arbitration. Campbell admits that her work was difficult, to begin with. Campbell’s lawyers said that when she complained, she was ordered to “‘calm down,’ which is a sexist slur.”

Campbell alleged in her complaint that she alerted associates about her video call encounter, and then she was subjected to retribution, with a probable weeks-long transfer process extending to possibly six months, resulting in the loss of $100M in assets and $1M in the settlement.

Campbell claimed in her lawsuit that her supervisor told coworkers that he would have wanted to hire a male economic planner but was told that he “needed to employ a woman” before she joined the firm in October 2020.