Journey has canceled the 2020 tour due to coronavirus.

The rock band reported Monday via social media, referencing that they are stressed over the wellbeing of their fans as they might be infected by the coronavirus.

Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, and Arnel Pineda said: “There is no greater thrill for us than playing for our incredibly devoted audience, but their safety must come first”

They additionally said that they don’t have the foggiest idea of what will occur on the planet next. Additionally, they care about their fans’ wellbeing and they would prefer not to place it at serious risk.

Additionally, they expressed that a discount will be accessible quickly for the fans who bought the ticket before the spread of the terrible virus.

In their announcement, they likewise expressed gratitude toward all the medical staff including, doctors, nurses, and other clinical staff who are placing themselves at risk to assist us with enduring the desire and they said that their works are “heroic efforts”.

 They additionally consoled their fans that once it’s safe, they will plan another tour.

The five-month tour included in excess of 60 shows and was wanted to start on May 15.