Joss Whedon
Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon, the brain behind several hit shows like Buffy- The Vampire Slayer, and movies like Justice League has been accused of creating a distressed workplace environment by Charisma Carpenter. The actress, who ended up working with the director for seven long years, reiterated the statements made by Ray Fisher- one of the actors in Justice League. On Wednesday, Charisma Carpenter levelled her allegations against Whedon, where she explained her part in an ongoing investigation on the direction. The Investigation, launched by WarnerMedia, had the actress on record calling the director ‘cruel’. 

Charisma Carpenter Levels Allegations Against Joss Whedon; Calls Him ‘Casually Cruel’

Carpenter later mentioned that the memories of working with Joss Whedon weighed heavily on her soul for quite a few years. She lamented having not brought it out soon- or to exert courage and composure that would help her speak it out. Yet, she couldn’t come out because she was justifiably afraid. The actress played the role of Cordelia Chase- both of Buffy and Angel, where the director’s toxic behaviour resulted in a physical condition that she still suffers from. Carpenter also alleged that Joss Whedon kept threatening to fire her, along with fat shaming her during pregnancy and mocking her for her beliefs.

These aren’t all. The actress also spoke about how Whedon had fired her from Angel simply because she was a mother- a departure from the show that has legitimately baffled fans for years. She also complained that the creator had asked her to work at 1 am when she was pregnant- something that induced false labor pains.

She owned up to the fact that she was scared of talking about the entire debacle– but she definitely owed it to Ray Fisher to share her part of the story. For, as she claims, Joss Whedon has been perpetrating the same behavior ever since- and she hopes that her coming out would bring out a safe space in the workplace.