Josh Hawley
Josh Hawley

Josh Hawley, the Senator from the Republican party, made it known that he would be delaying the victory of President-elect Joe Biden concerning the presidential elections that took place in the year 2020. He stated this on Wednesday. He said that he will be objecting when the votes of the Electoral College will be counted by the US Congress in the coming week. The reason for doing this, as stated by Josh Hawley, is because it would make the legislators of both the Senate and the House to vote on whether or not to accept the election results.

What Difference Will Josh Hawley Make?

Josh Hawley is the only Senator until now, to make announcements of his plans of objection. This is considered to be an important move owing to the fact that both the senators as well as the members of the House are expected to make an objection. This is required the day the Congress counts the votes of the Electoral College, which is on the 6th of January.

The victory of President-elect Joe Biden, over President Donald Trump, is an inevitable situation. No objection from the senator will change that fact. It will only bring about a delay in the affirmation. The members of the Democratic party will not be the only ones rejecting the objection. They will be accompanied by some members of the Republican party as well. The Republicans’ reason for doing this is because this step will only provide a push to all the unscientific and baseless claims of President Trump, with regard to the election results. To his theories of conspiracy concerning the irregularity in the 2020 Presidential election process.

Nevertheless, the objection that will be projected by Josh Hawley, will still be supported by a few others. And a large number of senators from the Republican party will be put in a difficult position. They will have to choose between President Trump and the popular opinion.