Josh Hartnett
Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. He always wanted to pursue acting as a career option. Hartnett’s zeal and hard work got him several roles in Hollywood. Most of his works derived significant praises from the crowd.

Josh’s most famous performance came in Pearl Harbor. It was this show that established Josh as one of the greatest stars in Hollywood. Hartnett seems to be having the time of his life at the moment. He has tied the knot with Tamsin Egerton.

Egerton and Josh were in a romantic relationship for a long time. However, both Josh and Tamsin are not very vocal about their personal space. They like to keep things private. Thus, the lovebirds decided to make their marriage a low-key affair.

As per recent news, Hartnett, and Tamsin married in the month of November. This news was confirmed to the press by a representative of Josh Hartnett. According to sources, the wedding took place in The Old Marylebone Town Hall. This is the same venue where Paris Hilton got married. 

Josh Hartnett Is Happily Married With Tamsin Egerton 

Josh Hartnett almost pulled off a miracle. He managed to keep his wedding private and that’s a big deal. With paparazzi everywhere, it is almost impossible for celebrities to maintain their privacy.

The duo chose the Soho Room of the Town Room. One of the main reasons for choosing the venue was that it had a seating capacity of just twelve people. 

One of the friends of Josh Hartnett stated that the couple is very much in love. They wanted to perform a low-key marriage and keep the celebration to only their loved ones.

The friend also mentioned that despite the marriage being private, it was a very classy event.