Joni Ernst
Joni Ernst

Senator Joni Ernst attracted critics who are expressing their outrage on her. This incident happened after he was seen receiving the coronavirus vaccine. This whole issue originates from the fact that previously she had spread conspiracy theories concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

Joni Ernst took to the social media platform, Twitter to let her followers know about the news. The collection of photos that she shared showed her receiving the vaccination for the coronavirus. She has 57,000 followers on Twitter. Her comment said that she was among the ones to receive the first COVID-19 vaccine dose. She also mentioned that the vaccine had been recommended by the Attending Physician Office.

Twitter Users Revive The Accusations Made By Joni Ernst

Senator Joni Ernst was also seen encouraging her Twitter followers on receiving the vaccine. She precisely mentioned the Americans and the Iowans in her comment. Ernst further wrote that it was all because of the hardworking citizens of the country and Operation Warp Speed that caused them to fight the coronavirus.

Numerous users of Twitter responded to her post. They compared her comments to the highlighted ones from the month of September. Back in September, she had made some accusations to the doctors regarding the coronavirus deaths. She had told that they increasing the statistics of the coronavirus on purpose. According to her accusations, they did so for financial compensation. Ernst had made this comment while she was addressing a constituent assembly in one of her campaigns.

Twitter users did not just compare her comments. They also criticized her for receiving the vaccine. According to them, the frontline workers deserved to receive the vaccine prior to her. Some users also highlighted the fact that many politicians worked in order to limit the amount of coronavirus relief aid that was to be provided to the worst-hit community.