Joe Biden
Joe Biden

In his office’s first day President-elect Joe Biden will be rejoining the Paris climate accord and the WHO and will be stopping any previous orders. Joe Biden will be issuing one executive order for halting the “midnight regulations” by Trump on the first day of his office, according to Jen Psaki, press secretary, White House on Wednesday.

Psaki stated to the reporters that today they are declaring a memo that no other administrations did before, which will be taking effect on 20th January which will be delaying or halting the midnight regulations which were given by the administration of Trump that was to take effect on Inauguration Day. Midnight regulations by Trump are rules which mostly the outgoing administrations set during the session of lame-duck. Psaki also mentioned a pending rule of the Labor Department which makes it easier for businesses to classify their workers not as salaried employees having benefits but as independent contractors.

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Psaki said that like the administration of Joe Biden, any incoming administration’s standard practice is issuing regulatory freezes. From the day of the election to the day of Inauguration in 2016,145 regulations were issued by the Obama administration, most of which regarding the environment and energy. Then on the Inauguration Day of President Trump, January 20th,2017, Donald Trump issued the executive order which directed all the federal agencies for pausing any regulations which are pending until the new cabinet examines and signs off on the regulations.

Congress is worried about the midnight regulations by the administration of Trump. One group of Congressmen introduced the Midnight regulations Act this month that requires the Accountability Office Of the Government of the US for providing Congress with any information regarding the regulations.