Jobless Benefits
Jobless Benefits

The process of the COVID-19 relief package amounting to 900 billion USD has frozen for now. This is happening during the time when a huge population of American citizens is just about to lose the unemployment benefits.

Congress passed the relief bill this Monday. There are two programs for the workers in the bill. The programs include extra 11 weeks of benefits for the workers. The relief bill in question will be expiring very soon, probably this weekend.

Who Will Suffer After The Jobless Benefits Ends?

A jobless aid was created for the workers who are self-employed and for the gig workers in the month of March. The aid was called the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensations and the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. This was created under the CARES Act. The jobless aid paid extra benefits to those who had their allotment of six months exhausted.

The relief bill was called by President Trump a disgrace. This statement came out on Tuesday. He expressed his demand for the stimulus check of 2000 USD as opposed to the approved amount of 600 USD. This again was rejected by the Republicans this Thursday.

The state labor officials gave a statement on the probability of the arrival of the jobless benefits. They clarified that there would be a gap of a week at a minimum. Millions of beneficiaries would be made to wait even if President Trump gave his signature prior to the deadline for the weekend benefits.

Jason Moon spoke on the expiring programs concerning the jobless benefits. The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency spokesperson said that the benefits for the PEUC benefit programs and federal PUA enrolled will be delayed.

Columbia University has made a study concerning the jobless aid. According to the studies, it is said that about 5 million workers will be subjected to poverty. This will take place following the loss of jobless benefits.