Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy share their secrets to a successful marriage: ‘Keep your sense of humour’

Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen have opened up in what makes their marriage successful.

During a segment of Ask The Fallons, the couple was asked to answer: “What is your secret for keeping your marriage strong?”

In response to the question, Juvonen, who has been married to the late-night host since 2007, said: “My answer’s nearly unromantic, but I don’t mean it to be unromantic.

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“But all of those crazy, googly notes and exciting and the bad boy and all that kind of stuff, it does not pay off in the long term, and I know you won’t trust me because I didn’t trust anyone who told me that, either.”

According to Juvonen, you should as an alternative look for a partner that shares the exact same values as you – even if it indicates you don’t like the same exact things.

“So you really want to pick someone who you don’t have to like every single thing the same, but you kind of have to have the same values in a way,” she continued. “What makes you both laugh is fun because then you laugh together at the same stuff.”

Juvonen also acknowledged the importance of not compromising when it comes to the things that “matter a lot to you” because “it’s just a struggle after awhile.”

To highlight her point, Juvonen, who shares two daughters with Fallon, used the example of mayonnaise, which her husband apparently hates.

“Dating is so cute and everyone’s like: ‘I’ll do anything. Oh, my God, I love mayonnaise,’ you know,” she said, adding to her husband: “I’m sure you would’ve eaten mayonnaise for me. Look at his face. Let’s just pretend he would’ve. But now it can’t even be in the house.”

“It’s just an example of when you’re dating you’ll do anything for that person, and then as you really are together and come together, you hopefully get more real,” Juvonen continued, explaining that the reality eventually arrives so it’s best to be honest about your likes initially.

Juvonen concluded her advice telling viewers to have a list of “things that really you can’t tolerate or must tolerate and make sure they just line up enough that they’re not opposing the other person.”

“And I think keep your sense of humour. And I think keep some independence,” she added.

The clip ended with Juvonen and Fallon giggling, before Juvonen attempted to direct the question towards her husband who said: “Unfortunately we have to go to commercial.”

The couple first met on the set of Saturday Night Live, but didn’t officially begin dating until 2005 once they met again on the set of the movie Fever Pitch.

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