“I think at the moment, what we are up against is people are trying to look for something here,” he suggested, “and I think that will get us all caught up in hall of mirrors, and conspiracy theories.”

Williams took it a action even more, contrasting the tale to Hillary Clinton’s e-mail detraction, which he claimed caused her being free from misdeed in July 2016.

“Reality is, when you get down to it, what is it that this is about?” Williams asked. “I think it’s a big fat nothing, that’s what it is.”

“If you could just take what Juan said and replace it with everything the Right said for the last three years, you would have the defense of Donald Trump.”

— Jesse Watters, ‘The Five’

“If you could just take what Juan said and replace it with everything the right said for the last three years,” Watters reacted, “you would have the defense of Donald Trump: that this was nothing, that this was a conspiracy and this was all politics.”

Rice’s e-mail recorded aJan 5, 2017 Oval Office conference in which then-FBI Director James Comey recommended to President Barack Obama that the National Security Council (NSC) could not intend to pass “sensitive information related to Russia” to Rice’s marked follower, MichaelFlynn That area of the e-mail had actually been identified as “TOP SECRET” till Tuesday.

“I mean, Susan Rice, I almost feel sorry for her because she’s always left holding the bag,” Watters claimed.

“Remember Susan Rice was sent [in 2012] to clarify that Bengahzi was simply a objection?” he proceeded. “… Hillary sends Rice to exist to America and afterwards what does she do? She obtains captured in an additional lie due to the fact that she got on TELEVISION calls Trump a traitor for 3 years and afterwards you locate the [House Intelligence Committee] records under vow as well as she claims, ‘I understood absolutely nothing concerning Michael Flynn.'”

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