Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has shared her current state of mind recently. She seems to be very much happy with how her love life with Ben Affleck has turned out so far. The duo initially dated each other way back in the early 2000s.

Back then, they were the hottest and the most adorable couple in Hollywood. Both Lopez and Affleck were a favorite couple of the media as well. They lovingly used to call them “Bennifer”.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not follow the expected path. After being together for a while, the actors felt that something was off between them. Indifferences began to creep into their ratio.

Soon the couple decided to split and ended their relationship. This shocked the whole industry as it was least expected from them. Both the stars then went on to explore quite a few relationships before finding love in each other once again.

The second half of their relationship has seemed much more stronger and adorable. A piece of recent news has been shared by Jennifer Lopez. She stated that Ben Affleck proposed to her for marriage recently.

Lopez was beaming with happiness as she shared the news. She also described the exact way Ben approached her. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Jennifer Lopez Agrees To Marry Ben 

Jennifer Lopez stated that she was taken aback by what Ben Affleck did recently. As per Lopez, she was busy taking a bubble bath.

This was when Ben Affleck approached her and went down on his knees. Lopez was very much astonished at the gesture and was not ready for such an adorable moment.

She stated that the gesture from Ben made her teary-eyed. 

Jennifer Lopez said that the proposal was the most romantic thing that she has ever come across. Lopez does not believe in fancy proposals with great pomp and show.

The actor stated that she preferred being indoors with the love of her life and spending a quality evening.

Jennifer also thanked her stars for making her reconcile with Ben for the second time.