Jennifer Grey
Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey has been one of the finest actors of all time. She appeared in a number of movies and won several awards for them. Grey was always keen on joining the acting industry from her childhood. She kept appearing for auditions now and then. Unfortunately, Grey was not shortlisted for any roles for quite a long time.

This was when her mother forced her to get surgery on her nose. Jo Wilder was the mother of Grey. She stated that Grey’s nose was one of the barriers due to which she was having a tough time getting cast. Wilder advised Grey for the nose job and said that it would make things easier. Grey has poured out her heart in her recently released memoir, “Out Of The Corner”.

Grey stated that getting a nose job was one of the most painful and humiliating experiences she has ever faced in life. What was sadder was that the actress had to undergo a second surgery forcibly Grey recalled that after her second nose job, almost nobody recognized the actress.

Jennifer Grey said that it was the most painful phase of her life. Let us learn about the story in detail below.  

Jennifer Grey Recalls About Horrific Nosejob Experience

Jennifer Grey is still freaked out by the fact that she became unrecognizable after the surgery.

She stated that it felt like her entire existence had been wiped out from the Earth. Grey also expressed her disappointment with her mother.

She was very much unhappy as she thought her mother was supposed to embrace her in the way she looked. 

Jennifer Grey seemed frustrated at how people kept on talking about her nose for a long time.

Grey said that she was beautiful enough to prosper in the industry and she regrets getting the surgeries on the insistence of her mom.