For Javon Kinlaw, the 2020 NFL Draft is an unusual event that will drive to possible fame. Here is a scout report on the next first-round option.

Going into the 2020 NFL Draft, several teams focus on the possibility that they can make a difference for their defense. Luckily, for Javon Kinlaw, it meant that his duty will become very needed by all of the league.

The former South Carolina Gamecock and defensive feature are considered one of the only defensive linemen that are getting the fame of a top 20 choice and it’s definitely why Kinlaw takes the marvelous cadre and athleticism that makes him become a rare mix of raw, physical skilled and extremely motivated football player teams like to have on their list.

But once learning of Kinlaw’s story, it’s very easy to understand why many football fans, even those who don’t root for his eventual NFL home, will root for him. Considering his name is likely to be heard on Thursday night, here’s a review of the Columbia playmaker heading into this year’s big event.

 However, when knowing Kinlaw’s story, it’s so easy to grasp why many football fans -even those who don’t root for his NFL home- will excise for him. In consideration of his name, it is probably heard on Thursday night.