Jason Ravnsborg

While it appeared for a long time that S Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg would escape any meaningful punishment for tragically driving over a civilian in 2020, it now appears that he is facing a genuine threat.

It’s not a threat to his freedom, but it is a threat to his career in politics. And the threat does not just come because of his old foe, Governor Kristi Noem. It also comes from a large chunk of his GOP, which controls the state assembly and will vote on whether to remove him next week.

Jason Ravnsborg Drove Over A Pedestrian In 2020

Charlie Hoffman (Rep.), a Republican, informed on Friday that he’d been “on the borderline” about impeaching Ravnsborg for the murder of Joe Boever in 2020 but that he was now “bent” on doing so.

A senator who will vote on whether to impeach South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg next week claims he provided him legal guidance after Ravnsborg was involved in a tragic vehicle accident.

Ravnsborg contacted Rep. Scott Odenbach, who was competing for the House seat he later won, seeking assistance on a public statement published two days after the attorney general struck and killed Joe Boever, a pedestrian strolling along a rural roadway in September 2020.

According to recordings released recently with the file on the House impeachment committee’s conclusions, Odenbach, a Republican and Spearfish attorney, informed North Dakota special agents that he advised Ravnsborg on the language of the statement. Odenbach claims that his acquaintance with Ravnsborg and his informal legal advice does not prevent him from carrying out his duties as a state representative, including contemplating impeachment.