Jarrett Allen
Jarrett Allen

Jarrett Allen was acquired by the Cleveland Cavaliers, along with James Harden taken by the Nets. The Nats have also received a second-rounder from the Cavs for 2024. 

It is the most prominent NBA Trade of the year. The Nets also got a hold of Victor Oladipo with their new deal. This is also being called the organization’s largest scandal. Kyrie Irving, along with Kevin Durant, Nets will receive more than three superstars. They are all now named in the All-Star 24 games. 

Jarrett Allen’s Deal:

Jarrett was a center for 24 years. His acquisition is as good as a prize for Cleveland’s deal. He is in the new deal and team rebuild, a 6’11” center along 7’6” wingspan. This got him an average of a double-double. 

He may be the team’s long-term option for starting center. But he may not be starting as soon as we may think, since Andre Drummond is around. Jarrett is also about to become a restricted free agent. 

Several unfit moments for Harden and Irving have also surfaced, with the latter escaping four matches and the former being unfit physically. There are also no confirmations when Harden may join Brooklyn. Arriving in New York, he will have to undergo the quarantine restrictions first. 

Allen, along with teammate forward Taurean Prince, were sent from the Nets to the Cavs. This was done in a deal for the Nets to get James Harden against more players. The Cavs are also reported to utilize their trade to absorb Jarrett’s $3.9 million worth of salary. 

Among twelve matches in this season, Allen’s average is as follows: 11.2 points on 67.7% shooting that goes with 10.4 rebounds, assists of 1.7, and blocks of 1.6.