Janet Yellen
Janet Yellen

Joe Biden, the President-elect, has chosen Janet Yellen for the position of the Treasury Secretary of the United States of America.

In one of her recent public statements, Janet Yellen has asked Congress to make some bold decisions regarding their stimulus spending that will offer some relief during this pandemic as well as help the economy of the nation.

America Expects Bold Stimulus Spending Under Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen has been recently confirmed for the position of Treasury Secretary. During the hearing of her confirmation on 19th January, Tuesday, she has urged Congress to make some fearless spending of the stimulus funding. She has initiated this discussion in order to improve the deteriorating economic condition of the nation that is caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Yellen is going to be the very first female to be appointed as the Treasury Secretary in the entire history of the US. During the hearing, she has emphasized the urgency of the stimulus and made some interesting suggestions for the utilization of the $1.9 trillion relief funds.

She has also stated that the administration must look to take some big and bold steps at this critical time since the rates of interest are at an all-time low in the country. She has managed to receive massive support from the bipartisan as well as the Democrats who are backed her to get the confirmation for the position within this week.

Yellen had advocated that the government must provide relied upon the ones who are in dire need. The relief must be given especially to women and minority workers because they have been the worst affected by the pandemic and following an economic slump.

Additionally, Yellen has a long to-do list for a quick economic recovery of America in the coming days.