Janet Yellen
Janet Yellen

On Monday, President-elect Joe Biden made the announcement concerning his economic team. He recruited people to some of the economic posts of the top administration level. 

According to the confirmation of the transition team, Janet Yellen would be the official Treasury Secretary nominee of the president. If this proposal gets the confirmation of the US senate then Janet Yellen would be making history by being the first-ever woman in 231 years, to lead the Department of Treasury.

Expectations From Janet Yellen And Others

Along with this, it was also announced that Neera Tanden was nominated to work in the Office of Management and Budget. There she would be working as a director. If again, this works out, then she would also be making history. There has not been any woman of color to lead the Office of Management and Budget before. 

Biden spoke regarding his history creating decisions. He said that this newly appointed team would bring about economic relief as soon as possible.  They would recreate the national economy of the country and better the lives of the Americans, especially during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. 

Biden also said that they will do what it takes to promote equality and fairness among the Americans. Not only that, but they will also make sure that the American business becomes the most successful one in the world. 

After the announcements were made by Biden, Janet Yellen described the feeble state of the economy of the US over the social media platform, Twitter. The post was the first post made by her. She noted that the American dream needed to get restored, the kind of society was to be created that can let people bring the best out of themselves. This was the only way to recover from the ongoing challenges and that she would strive to do so.