Jalen Hurts
Jalen Hurts

Philadelphia Eagles decide on the team’s quarterback for the immediate future. Jalen Hurts gets the starting quarterback position for Sunday’s match against Orlean Saints. Pederson declared on the Eagles’ website on Tuesday that they have decided to go for Jalen Hurts for the upcoming game.

According to him, their offense is not up to the mark, and for bringing back the spark again and for everybody to play better they have gone with this decision.

The Challenge For Jalen Hurts 

It is good news for Jalen Hurts. He is given the job of snapping his team’s losing streak of four games. However, there is bad news because the team Jalen Hurts will be starting against holds the best record of 10-2 in NFC. They have a winning streak of nine games. It will not be the best start for Jalen Hurts who will be playing behind an offensive line that has struggled in all matches this season. The situation is dire for the Eagles after NYG’s win over the Washington Football team widened the gap in NFC East.

Philadelphia selected Hurts after his collegiate career where he won the national championship for Alabama and became a finalist in the Heisman trophy with Oklahoma. Hurts has 15 interceptions and sixteen touchdown passes in his inconsistent year. Wentz was benched by Doug Pederson when Wentz went 6-of-15 rushing for 79 yards in their recent loss against Bay Packers. Jalen Hurts playing for the first time as a quarterback gave the first touchdown pass of his career in the 4th quarter. However, things became worse when Hurts intercepted on his team’s final possession which made him go for 5-of-12 for rushing 109 yards, one pick, and one touchdown.

It was a performance where many people got to know who their new quarterback will be moving forward.