Jake Paul Defends Partying Amid The Pandemic, Says He’s Not ‘Gonna Sit Around’ & Wait For ‘Failing’ Leadership On COVID-19

As the variety of coronavirus cases continues to climb up throughout the nation, Jake Paul does not seem phased by the COVID-19 health crisis.

The 23- year-old YouTube star, who came under fire for tossing a jam-packed celebration (without a face mask in sight!) at his estate in Calabasas last month, took a seat for an interview with Insider where he confessed he does not understand if he’ll stop hosting or participating in any big events amid the continuous pandemic. Say what?!

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Explaining his apprehension on the based on the outlet, he stated:

“I don’t know what to think of it, to be honest. I don’t think anyone really does. No one has answers, our leadership is failing us, and everyone kind of just doesn’t know what to do.”

Fair point about our leadership failing us, we will offer him that! The method Donald Trump has actually managed the United States’ reaction to the pandemic has actually shown to be disgraceful at finest and it’s a big reason this nation is still having a hard time to get the infection under control while other countries have actually started to turn the tide.

Despite brand-new details being found out about COVID-19 signs and how it spreads out every day, we do have a concept of what to do today. While its enforcement differs from one state to another, …

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