The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern announced in a news conference on Wednesday that for the upcoming six months, she along with her cabinet will go for a 20 % pay cut because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Ardern acknowledged that several people are dependent on wage subsidies, opting for pay cuts or are jobless because of the global crisis. Adding to that she said, “ Today, I can confirm that myself and government ministers and public service chief executives will take a 20% pay cut for the next six months.”

She further said that no fiscal policies will be affected by the pay cut about to be implemented. 

New Zealand has received accolades for the way it attempted to contain the outbreak. The Prime Minister was praised for her decision to shut the borders of her country to all foreign visitors and announce a countrywide, 4-week long lockdown on 23 March.

According to the data by Johns Hopkins University, there are 1386 cases of COVID-19 and nine deaths. Reportedly, widespread testing was carried out in the country.

Last Week Warden said that all countrymen who return to the country will have to quarantine themselves in an approved medical facility instead of their own house.