Harry Styles
Harry Styles

Buying sliver of solace in a dystopian world? Unit yourself with Harry Styles’s excellent flavour in women!

The web is salivating at the revelation that Styles is reportedly dating the actor and director Olivia Wilde, whose CV includes directing the excellent Booksmart, a wise and wise-cracking senior high school buddy movie about two nerdy girls on the calamitous particular date; though true admirers will know her best role was definitely as Alex in The OC (raise your voice to the ageing millennials!). Wilde is directing him in her latest film, Don’t Stress Darling; their few portmanteau could be Olarry, or Holivia, but should really be Wilde-Styles.

The revelation is timely – not simply because we’re staring down the barrel of lockdown 264567, but also as it comes hot on the heels of his new video for single Treat PEOPLE WHO HAVE Kindness (see what he did there?), which co-stars Patron Saint of Women, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, putting on clear white tailoring and a Fleabag side-eye. One great woman is blessed; two is design. Styles is sending a message, and I am here for this.

For you personally can judge anyone by the business they keep, and his other woman friends include Florence Pugh – always trust a woman with a gravelly tone that has coolly acquired a Oscar nomination before the age of 25 – and Lizzo, with whom he has shared a stage, and a scene-stealing nighttime at the Brit Awards previous February (remember fun?).

Wilde is 36, Styles is 26. Everything that I must say on this matter is the fact that as someone who was previously 26, I really do wish I’d put in more time getting together with people who were just a little wiser than me. I’d have saved myself a complete complement of charge cards, several units of keys and much of the dignity it’s considered me over four years to reclaim in full. Harry: you’re doing amazing, sweetie.