Italy on Sunday revealed 174 deaths due to coronavirus, the lowest number of the COVID-19 deaths in the nation has seen since March 10, when the Italian government had expanded a total lockdown from Northern Italy to the whole nation.

Finally, the low number of deaths on Sunday comes a day before the nation loosening up its two-month across the nation lockdown. As indicated by media reports, assembling and development work in Italy is set to continue from today, May 4. Shops will revive on May 14.

However, restaurants, bars, cafés, and other not necessary places will stay locked at least until the 1st of June.

Giuseppe Conte, Italy’s Prime Minister, has apologized to the nation’s residents for delays in financial support. The government is arranging a warning exit from lockdown while this month to restore the economy according to a Bloomberg report.

The government is expecting to start reopening a few organizations sooner than anticipated if cases die down throughout the following barely any days, Conte had said in a meeting with La Stampa published on Sunday.

The government had additionally affirmed a 25 billion-euro aid in March and plans to help another financial upgrade bundle worth 55 billion euros, the report said.

4,000,000 people in Europe’s hardest-hit nation will come back to their building locales and manufacturing plants according to reports.

France and Spain, the other European nations that are generally affected by coronavirus have likewise announced low deaths n Sunday. France revealed 135 deaths while Spain’s 164 deaths were the most minimal since mid-March, BBC announced.

Italy has detailed over 2.1 lakh cases of coronavirus with the loss of life passing 28,800 according to reports.