Colt McCoy
Colt McCoy

The respect that the Giants had earned in the December game is now at a threat. The climb they had can be compared to a hot air balloon that deflated very quickly and dropped back to the ground. The fact that there were some people who expected this to happen, cannot be ignored. With Colt McCoy, the backup player heading for the quarterback, it was expected so. Also, this was followed by another backup-play-caller, Freddie Kitchen going for play-calling.

All this led to the Giants with 6 points and Browns with 20. The matter of concern is that with these scores, they have caused the season to reach the verge of ending.

Colt McCoy Underperformed In The Game

The game plan of Joe Judge was to provide help and support to Colt McCoy. The reason for this was because the player seemed to no intentions of engaging Baker Mayfield in any kind of shootout. The score of Colt McCoy was 19-31, 221 yards. The score of the latter was 27-32, 297 yards.

The Giants were not going to win against the browns and Mayfield. This was not impossible by a couple of field goal kicks. Then entered Riverboat Joe. The failed trick of the fake field goal at the 8-Cleveland on the fourth-and-5 did not work. The trick cost his team as well as the Browns to lose three points.

This was followed by another failed stunt. That was the fourth-and-2 run-up. This was at Cleveland 6. The failed attempt caused them to lose another three points in the game. Later, Jude got the realization that he would be needed to take some actions without considering the cost of it. This was something he had to do with Colt McCoy and Freddie Kitchen in the team.