The IRS has issued warnings that scammers are on the loose after the pandemic has made people especially vulnerable. In an attempt to provide Stimulus checks, scammers are gleaning information about an individual’s bank account, credit, and debit card credentials, which in turn naturally ruins the individual at a period when tensions are running high anyway. 

“We are seeing people making phone calls pretending to be an IRS agent going as far as giving a fake badge number and trying to get the person on the other line to verify their personal identity, give them their social security number, give them their bank account information – and there’s no need to do that,” said Sarah Kull, Special Agent in Charge. “The IRS will not call you for that.” 

The solution is simple- stop believing everything you see to be the truth. The IRS would never bother someone over Economic Impact Payment through checks. And scammers usually use phrases that would be similar to ‘COVID-19 checks’. In order to get rid of scammers, one can simply deputize all payments to be made to them online. This would not only prevent money from being scammed off, but it would also reach the public faster. 

She also mentioned that the IRS is simply depositing all the money in different accounts, and there have been no checks issued yet.