Iran clears oil spill in northern Gulf region – Middle East Monitor

Iranian groups have actually tidied up an oil slick near field in the northern region of the Gulf that had actually crossed a six-square-km (2.3 square mile) location, an Iranian maritime authorities stated on Saturday according to a report by Reuters

The reason for the spill, which took place on Wednesday, was being examined, the director general of ports and maritime in Iran’s Bushehr Province, Siavash Arjomandzadeh, informed the authorities IRNA news company.

The clean-up happened near the Abuzar field, Iran’s primary production location in the Gulf.

An Iranian authorities had actually informed IRNA on Thursday that it was challenging to identify the reason for the spill due to the fact that there were a number of fields coming from Iran and other nations in theregion He stated oil might have dripped from undersea pipelines.

Abuzar oil field, about 75 km (46 miles) west of Iran’s Kharg Island, has 3 primary platforms producing in between 195,000 to 220,000 barrels daily of oil, IRNA reported, including 107 wells had actually been drilled in the field of which 67 still run.

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