The debate has gone on for far too long. Is the iPhone better or does Samsung reign supreme? The only way to come to a conclusion would be to do a comparison. So, we went ahead and compared the iPhone 11 Pro Camera with Samsung’s latest Note 20 Ultra and Note 20. 

With the latest device, Samsung boasts incredible resolution, zoom, and many other features. Let’s see how Samsung compares with iPhone 11 Pro camera features. 

iPhone 11 Pro Camera Specs

Although rumors of the iPhone 12’s release have been buzzing everywhere, the iPhone 11 Pro camera is still considered one of the best in the business. 


The lens of the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera specs and iPhone 11 Pro are the same. The Apple device boasts an ultra-wide lens with 12MP. They also feature 2X optical zoom and 10X digital zoom with 12 MP Tele lenses. 


Meanwhile, the Samsung devices sport wide-angle lenses of 12 MP and a 64 MO telelens. Combining the two would give us an incredible 3X hybrid zoom. 

iPhone 11 Pro Camera Settings

There are a ton of camera settings that we can explore with these latest models. From the panorama, live focus, 108MP mode, and portrait mode. 

Along with these excellent features, the third-party apps have completely changed the game for smartphone cameras. The portrait feature on iPhone 11 Pro camera settings is similar to Samsung’s Live Focus. 

While Samsung tries to lean on the “fun” aspect of clicking pictures with blues and swirls, iPhone 11 Pro focuses on replicated actual light. And so, Apple gives us a more polished image. Who wins in the Samsung vs Apple camera battle? It depends on your style. 


Here’s what we found in our Samsung vs Apple iPhone research. Both brands offer the panorama mode. We made sure that while taking sample images, we kept our hand steady. However, the images from different devices came differently. 

The widest image we got was from iPhone 11 Pro Max. Samsung’s Note 20 gave us a compact image. While Note 20 Ultra gave us a medium-sized image. So, if so do a comparison of Samsung vs Apple, it’s clear that Apple wins this round since the wider image is freer from distortion. Moreover, it is also efficient for larger prints. 


While iPhone 11 Pro camera beats Samsung Note 20 Ultra on panorama, the Samsung Note 20 Ultra has a great 108 MP mode. Since a huge number of megapixels are packed into the sensors, the device shoots at a reasonable image size. And, users can opt to enable the massive 108-megapixel resolution. 

On our test runs, there wasn’t much difference between the option for the 108 MP and not using it. We could zoom in while using the 108 MP resolution, however, we felt that we could simply use the optical zoom instead. 

iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Review

Our iPhone 11 Pro camera review matches with our earlier opinion. Unlike Samsung, iPhone 11 photography gives us many realistic images. Samsung images seem a bit oversaturated. The oversaturation sometimes can lead to a loss of details in Samsung photography. 

Meanwhile, images taken by Samsung on the water seemed truer to life than the iPhone 11 Pro camera. 


When we took photographs by Apple in a low light setting, the iPhone 11 Pro camera megapixel made it possible for images to retain their maximum details. While the images from the Samsung camera looked good, they did not have the details in place. 



Similarly, in the night sky, the iPhone 11 Pro camera gave us brighter (although a little grainy) and usable image, unlike the completely dark Samsung images. 


iPhone 11 Pro Camera Features 

The iPhone 11 camera features provide great focus. You can simply tap on the screen on the place that you want focusing, the camera will automatically focus on it without much effort. And, the image will be crisp and sharp. Meanwhile, Samsung devices seem to have several focusing issues, especially with low light. 

If we compare the iPhone 11 Pro camera, Samsung Note, and Samsung Note 20 Ultra, the iPhone 11 Pro camera wins. Second would be Samsung Note 20 Ultra, and unfortunately, Galaxy Note 20 would come last.

How Does Apple iPhone 11 Pro Camera Do With Tele Lens?

This is the feature that Samsung probably does better than Apple. Both the Samsung devices have provided better quality images when it comes to tele lenses. 


For our test runs, we took a picture of a far-off lighthouse. While the iPhone 11 Pro camera did good, the Samsung devices did great. You can see for yourself how the image quality is so much better with Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The pictures are defined and sharp, unlike the iPhone 11 Pro camera that blurs and distorts the image quality. 



How To Use iPhone 11 Pro Camera?

The best iPhone 11 Pro camera tip would be to know when to use it. Like we mentioned, the Apple device did great with low light and night photography. Taking a photo from a distance using the tele lens with an iPhone 11 pro camera is not recommended. 

Samsung vs Apple iPhone Video

This is another area where Samsung Note 20 Ultra did great in comparison to Apple. This is because the galaxy Note 20 Ultra provides us with 8K resolution. So, even if you crop the video, you will still be able to maintain the 4K resolution. This is epic news for smartphone filmmakers. 


Overall, even though the tele lens capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro camera was not that great, we still preferred the Apple device because if the focus, portrait mode, and accurate images it provided. 

iPhone 11 Pro price stands at $999. Similarly the Samsung galaxy note 20 Ultra stands at $999 too. 

If you are an aspiring photographer, you can always check out iPhone 11 Pro camera tutorial and iPhone 11 Pro Max camera app available online. This latest model by Apple provides one of the best smartphone image qualities.