Carrying a laptop can be cumbersome, especially since it is so heavy. At the same time, iPads can be a little inadequate since certain things aren’t compatible with touch. However, everything will change now with the new iPad Pro.

The 2020 iPad Pro will feature multiple cameras. There will be a 12MP wide camera as well as a 10MP ultra-wide one. With this iPad, you will get to take professional pictures and videos. The best thing about this iPad is its Lidar scanner. This will allow you to use AR applications that will make your work easier and let you have some fun as well.

However, this isn’t all. It comes equipped with a magic keyboard as well. This keyboard is more solid and has a trackpad. The magic keyboard completely changes how we perceive the tablet keyboard. Instead of a cursor, you will find a dot on the iPad screen. The dot seems rather natural, especially for touchscreens. The dot is translucent and lets you check where it is going.

If you are worried that the iPad processor won’t be adequate then the A12Z Bionic processor should change your mind. Compared to the previous model, this one will have 8 cores. The 2020 iPad will hands-down be the best AR device. 

The Apple pencil will even let you do more than basic notes taking. You can even doodle if you want to. With these features, the iPad can easily replace your laptop.