The iOS14 is about to launch and there’s a whole lot to get excited about this new version. Though the annual developer’s conference of Apple (WWDC) is yet to happen, we can, in the meantime unpack the rumors of what we might expect.

Apple is supposed to work on the issues people faced with iOS13 and improve stability with the new version. Many rumor sites have assessed the changes and have made an exact list of the changes to expect. Though we can’t know for sure, techies are already excited about the launch of the new iOS14.

Apple is expected to introduce iOS14 at The 2020 WWDC which is set for the 22nd of June. However, the timeline might be hampered owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Production delay for the new iPhone might cause a presumptive delay in the launch of iOS14.

Among the various changes, iOS14 might bring a list view instead of the grid view pattern. A possible change in the default apps is also expected. Apple might, for the first time allow third-party apps like Spotify, Chrome, or Google Maps instead of default Apple substitutes of the same.

Apple’s messaging App is also to change in more ways than one. It is supposed to include a few options adopted from other messaging apps. A fresh batch of emojis is also to fill the Apple shelf.

iPad multitasking features may also feature in the new iOS14. Safari is also to take hints from Google Chrome and improve on its translation facilities.

Besides these, the new iOS14, according to rumor sites, will also include CarKey features, augmented reality app, enhanced compatibility features, and so on.

It’s really something to be excited about.

Image Credit: Celso Bulgatti