While most people celebrate this day remembering Yuri Gagarin and party his achievement, the space scientists acknowledge it as something more profound.

According to the United Nations, “[The International Day of Human Spaceflight was invented] to celebrate each year at the international level the beginning of the space era for mankind.” This is the day when man crossed the limits of the sky and began to explore the space.

The jump into space has taken us above a notch. We have now started to think of ourselves, not just as citizens of our country, but also as global citizens. We are residents of planet Earth and all our actions have a global impact.

Space exploration has made it possible for us to design a sustainable development plan that needs the cooperation of the entire human race. The world is not just being mapped by its terrains and forest-river-mountain density. But also by human rights and the economy.

It is only because we got a different perspective of the world and that completely changed how we view it. Planet’s co-founder Will Marshall said that satellite imaging has enabled people to see the change they are making, for better or for worse.