Zodiac Killer
Zodiac Killer

A code, dating back to more than 50 years ago, concerning the infamous Zodiac Killer, has now been cracked. The Zodiac Killer was once feared by the residents of the Northern California streets more than five decades ago. And now, a team is said to have cracked the killer’s code which was a message sent in 1969 to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Message Of The Zodiac Killer Finally Revealed After Over 50 Years

The team of the code-breakers included Jan Van Eycke, a computer programmer from Belgian, Sam Blake, a mathematician from Australia, and David Oranchak, Virginia based software developer.

The decoded message, ‘340 cipher’, was an extremely long one with misspellings. It was all written in Capital letters. It was devoid of punctuation marks.

In the message, the killer was, in a way, making fun of the receiver for not being able to catch him. It was also mentioned that there were a lot of people working for him. There was also a mention of a TV show in the message. It said that whoever was invited to the show was not the real killer.

The TV show mentioned is ‘ The Jim Dunbar Show’, the television talk from the Bay Area. The killer sent the 340-cipher after two weeks of the episode that brought in the fake Zodiac killer.

Oranchak, one of the decoders, gave a statement to CNN expressing his excitement over the fact. He said that it was an unbelievable experience for him as he had failed several times in doing so. The Virginia Based software developer had been after the coded message since 2006.

The decoders submitted their work to the FBI.

The Zodiac Killer could never be caught. He is mostly known for the unsolved murders that took place between 1968-1969.