For the first time since 1897, the Boston Marathon is deterred till September. A devastating blow to many athletes!

Boston Marathon which was only altered once in 1918, when a military relay race happened instead, owing to WWI. But there was race nonetheless. This time owing to the pandemic, the race was put off. 

For para runners like Chaz Davis, the news of cancellation or delay was heart-breaking. “I knew this was a really big moment for para-athletes. It was going to be on TV. I think we would have had the opportunity to showcase disabled spot to not only the Boston community but even larger than that.” 

However, Davis is not to be disappointed. September 14 has been decided as the new date and runners are prepping to get into their best shape. On a lucky note, Davis comments that now it’ll mean much more to be a part of an event that really would be different than even the prior Boston races as well.