small business saturday
small business saturday

You will realize the importance of opting for local shopping and Small Business Saturday after reading this. This is because the hardest hit that has been faced following the coronavirus is small businesses.

Through The Eyes Of A Seller From The Small Business Saturday

According to Stephanie Hara, the woman who owns Show Pony, all of the owners are thankful for every purchase and every visit that is made by the customers. The condition of Small Business Saturday is quite unfortunate this time as compared to past years. It does, in no way, seem to be as occupied as it usually gets.

Hara also gave a statement that any kind of shopping is counted, be it in stores or online.

At the Show Pony that is in Fremont, there is a very limited capacity for storage. It has been brought down to 25 percent according to the guidelines for social distancing in the wake of Coronavirus. And this percentage is a very hard one to deal with.  During times like these, Hara said she is doing her best just hanging in the situation. She makes every effort to give a memorable and one-of-a-kind shopping experience to her customers.

The Show Pony owner, like several others, is adapting to some new ways of survival, created by the global pandemic. She said that despite everything, she has not abandoned the group of her local designers. The amazing Hara has personally taken up some duties like texting customers, sending videos or pictures, answering emails, or whatever is required to be done to make her sell.

So, this is the story of a Small Business Saturday seller and is most probably the story of all the local sellers. Do consider this while you shop again.