A coalition between the think tanks of America and the advocacy groups called on the US President and the Congress on Friday, recommends the passing of permanent law that replaces the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The temporary nature of the program was previously signified by a Supreme Court ruling. 

DACA receivers continue to be faced with uncertainty, till Congress provides a permanent remedy to the problem. The Supreme Court’s decision on Thursday invalidates Trump’s 2017 order canceling DACA and leaves the administration another chance to try. The decision reinforces the belief that Congress must work out a permanent answer, as it is not only important for the Dreamers but also businesses and all communities across the country. 

Trump’s original order had set a series of legislative actions in 2018. The bipartisan immigration proposal was hastened by the White House, to be replaced by an all republican package. Democrats took over in November, and successfully passed the permanent replacement for DACA through the House with only seven Republican votes. The Senate hasn’t taken up the bill yet. 

Congress has pushed off the chance to find a fixed result for Dreamers for a long time. Although, there was immense public support for the cause. A statement reads that it’s time for both the White House and lawmakers to decide on a permanent solution, in unison, as it is best for the Dreamers and all other communities of the country.