I’m a Black Republican, and I agree with AOC on the link between poverty and crime

As a Black Republican and previous congressman, I was distressed by the obvious, despiteful remarks reportedly made by a white Republican congressman towardsRep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Actions like that do marvels to chase after minorities from the celebration ofLincoln

Yes, I am troubled by the crude and negative language utilized versus a lady, no matter her color. But beyond that, I would likewise like to assistance Ocasio-Cortez on the compound of their discourse: poverty and crime.

My background on the subject is notable. As the chairman of the Republican job force on well-being reform, I composed areas of the 1996 well-being reform act that permitted the usage of debit cards and electronic advantage transfers for well-being receivers. To assist our cities, I presented the Urban Entrepreneurial Opportunities Act, which never ever passed Congress however from which lots of elements ultimately entered law. I was likewise chairman of the Republican job force on civil liberties, which assisted produce the Civil Rights Act of 1991.

Ocasio-Cortez is appropriate that there isa clear connection between poverty and petty crime There is a basic method for this issue to be remedied: Enforce existing antidiscrimination laws. Civil rights leaders from the 1960 s did an outstanding task developing a system where business should use Blacks and …

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