The 12-year-old viral star, Keedron Bryant, has recently signed up with the studio Warner Records. 

The black protest singer posted a video online of himself singing “I Just Wanna Live” after George Floyd’s murder on 25th May. The video soon went viral after it was released. 

Warner Records is timing the release of Bryant’s single with Juneteenth, the day that marks the end of slavery in the US. All the proceeds from the song’s sale will be donated to NAACP. Additionally, Amazon Music has announced that every time someone streams the song till 9 PM 19th June, they will donate one dollar to NAACP. 

The soulful rendition has been written by the young singer’s mother. Bryant’s original video posted on Instagram has received over 3 million likes. Furthermore, it has garnered praise and applause from celebrities such as Barack Obama, former US President, LeBron James, legendary basketball player, Janet Jackson, and Lupita Nyong’o. 

Bryant, a resident of Florida, told the press media that he was very excited to do what God has called upon him to do. He added that working with his mother was an exceptional experience. 

Johnnetta Bryant, Keedron’s Mother, said that she watched videos of George Floyd’s murder. She added that it was especially hard for her since the blatant racism against black people worries her about her son. 


Image Credit: Johnnetta Bryant