A California-based “Karen” and her husband are feeling the consequences after their bad behavior stumbled on light, and it’s having some pretty dire consequences for both of these!

It all started days ago, when a man named James Juanillo was busy writing ‘Black Lives Matter’ in chalk on a retaining wall on private property up in NorCal — property that Juanillo himself owns, by the way. And now, the s**t has hit the fan!

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It all started late the other day, when a white woman named Lisa Alexander, who happens to be the CEO of a San Francisco-based skin care company, came around Juanillo and told him that he was “illegally” writing in chalk (WTF?!) on the wall since it was private property. Alexander didn’t realize it was Juanillo’s property, needless to say, nor did she apparently realize how easy it’s to wash chalk away so it’s perhaps not vandalism, but that didn’t matter for her or her husband, Robert Larkin, who filmed the complete incident.

You can observe the video of the pair of them harassing the indegent man (below):


A real-life Karen in the great outdoors!!! And you may make out Larkin there in the background, filming away and encouraging his wife as she causes a scene. These people…

Now, days later, Larkin’s employer Raymond James has announced they’ve terminated his employment after reviewing the incident and deciding upon a proper course of action. Whoa!!!

In a public statement in regards to the whole ordeal, the financial services company wrote (below):

“Raymond James has zero tolerance for racism and discrimination of any kind. An inclusive workplace is fundamental to our culture, one in which people are free to bring their whole selves to their careers, and we expect our associates to conduct themselves appropriately inside and outside the workplace. After an investigation into the circumstances of a video alleging racism by one of our associates, we have concluded that the actions of he and his partner were inconsistent with our values, and the associate is no longer employed by Raymond James.”


Meanwhile, Lisa said on Sunday that she was “deeply sorry” on her “racist actions” in telling Juanillo his chalk writing wasn’t allowed. Her company, LaFace Skincare, has had its internet site offline amid all the drama surrounding her objectively terrible public behavior.

Writing on Twitter, the embattled woman stated:

“I want to apologize directly to Mr. Juanillo. There are not enough words to describe how truly sorry I am for being disrespectful to him last Tuesday when I made the decision to question him about what he was doing in front of his home. I should have minded my own business. The last 48 hours has taught me that my actions were those of someone who is not aware of the damage caused by being ignorant and naive to racial inequalities.”

She continued on from there, too, adding:

“When I watch the video I am shocked and sad that I behaved the way I did. It was disrespectful to Mr. Juanillo and I am deeply sorry for that. I did not realize at the time that my actions were racist and have learned a painful lesson. I am taking a hard look at the meaning behind white privilege and am committed to growing from this experience.”

No kidding…

For what it’s worth, Alexander says she’d prefer to meet with Juanillo to apologize in person.

He’d previously said that he was available to that aswell, so hopefully she may take the time to get at know her neighbor now instead of, you understand, threatening to call men with guns over some chalk art ever again.

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