The stock analysts of Wall street have an expected numerical figure for the sales of the HealthEquity, or, HQY, stock. According to them, the company’s sales for the current quarter will be 184.44 million USD. This information is brought out by Zacks.

The total earnings of the HQY have been estimated by seven analysts. The sale estimate of the lowest number is 182.60 million USD. And the ceiling sale estimate happens to be 186.49 million USD. The sale of the company in question, reported by themselves, was 201.20 million USD. This amount was calculated in the same quarter in the year 2019. The overall suggestion that can be drawn from the numbers is that there has been a negative growth rate of 8.3% year-over-year. The earnings of the firm from the next quarter will be issued by them on the 15th of March, that is on Monday.

HQY Sales As Per The Analysts

As per Zacks, the expectations of the analysts with regard to the full-year sales of HQY will be 729.15 million USD. This is for the financial year of 2021. The estimates of it are between 727.06 million USD and 731.21 million USD. The anticipation of the analysts concerning the sales that will be posted by HQY is 766.93 million USD. The estimates of it will fall somewhere between 749.47 million USD to 781.30 million USD. It is to be noted that all the sale calculations made by Zacks are based on average from a survey carried out by the analysts. These are the same analysts who follow HQY.

The earning results of the company were last released by them on December 6th, Sunday. The earnings per share reported by the company for the quarter was0.41 USD. This figure stood against the estimates of analysts by 0.05 USD.