Howard Stern
Howard Stern

Recently there was an announcement made by Howard Stern and the satellite radio giant SiriusXM that made his fans very happy. They said that the  “The Howard Stern Show” will be back for another five years.

Stern who is also known as the “King Of All Media”, will be continuing his journey by extending his contract with SiriusXM.

Details About Howard Stern’s New Contract

Currently, the 66-year-old is working with Sirius XM following his deal, the worth of which is estimated to be around 100 million USD per year. This deal will be expiring at the end of December 2020. According to unofficial gossip, the new deal is said to be around 120 million USD per year.

During his show on Tuesday, Howard Stern expressed gratitude towards some of his crew members. They included his writing staff, his video crew, and Robin Quivers, his co-host. He thanked Quivers saying that it would be impossible to carry on with the show in his absence.

There are almost 40 million people who have subscribed to Howard’s radio channel. On Tuesday, a few of Howard’s fans were brought to thank him. Among them was a person who had survived cancer, a divorcee, and a frontline doctor from the emergency room. All of them said that they loved Howard’s broadcast, especially during the dark pandemic days.

Jim Meyer from SiriusXM will soon be leaving the CEO post around the end of this December. After that, he will be focusing on the role of the vice-chairman. He has made it clear before that he was really rooting for the renewal of a deal with Howard Stern.

The archive of “The Howard Stern” audio and video will be made available in SiriusXM for another seven years. They did not reveal the financial terms to it.