How To Transfer Your Courses Online

5 Ways To Transfer Your Courses Online

It’s no longer news that a large percentage of schools and universities throughout the world are still shut down due to the deadly virus, which has ceased to disappear since it came into existence. Although lockdown measures in several countries of the world are slowly and steadily being relaxed, it doesn’t change the fact that COVID-19 is still very much around us. According to some experts, there’s a high chance that a second wave of coronavirus will occur. As such, it’s very important for trainers and organizations to move their courses online. In this article, we’ll be looking at a few ways that you can transfer your courses online during this COVID-19 period.

1. Design Your eLearning Courses Based On Your Learning Objective

While it’s important to transfer your training online during this COVID-19 period, it’s more important that you add value to what you’ll be offering online. As such, the first thing you should consider when transferring your courses online is your original learning objective.

Check whether or not it’s imparting knowledge. It’s also essential that you cross-check whether or not it’s capable of encouraging debate and interaction. Like traditional classroom training, it’s…

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