The federal government has given the option to get stimulus checks for people who are facing the economic crisis, unemployment situation, etc. It may take a few days to process the stimulus checks of up to $1200 especially since it is the first time that you might be getting it. Many people might be having a direct deposit set-up with the IRS for cashing out the stimulus check. If you are someone who has been considered eligible for it, you can check the status of your payment on the Get My Payment portal on the IRS website. These are the steps that you can follow as the IRS allows you to keep a track of your money:

How to track your coronavirus stimulus check now: How to get your status

  1. Go to the IRS website and to the Get My Payment page. You have to tap the Get My Payment blue button and check the status of your stimulus check.
  2. When you arrive at the next page about authorizing your use, tap OK.
  3. You will be redirected to the  Get My Payment Page. Here, enter your SSN or Social Security Number, or ITIN or individual tax ID, your date of birth, street address, ZIP and postal code.
  4. Click Continue