How a Dollar and a Dream Became a Reality

Is Dreamville simply a record label? Is it a location? Is it a attitude? Is it a state of mind? Or does it represent something a lot more basic? Could it be simply a concept?

Could it indicate that the act of dreaming, of picturing the future, of wishing for more, even if there’s just one last dollar delegated invest, is what presses individuals forward? Is that how a pawn ends up being a king? With simply a dollar and a dream?

Could that be how a kid called Jermaine from Fayetteville, NC went from checking out these really pages of SLAM with Nas’ Illmatic playing in the background to a generation-defining, Grammy- winning artist called J. Cole? Or does that sound phony? Does it seem like the dream ended up too well? Like that kid didn’t put in the time?

Could it be that the general public does not learn about how he handled New York’s winter seasons for 11 years directly? Maybe they didn’t see how Shawn Carter would not launch his music without a “single?” Didn’ t they understand that kid was simply asking the Lord for a indication? Didn’ t they comprehend he was attempting to reveal us something?

Could it potentially hold true? That the dream really became a reality? How did the Young Simba end up being the Grown Simba? Did he do it by taking a power journey to exercise his distress? Did he catch the youth’s attention with a …

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