More places are planned to reopen on Friday under Gov. Greg Abbott’s described the restart of the Texas economy.

Hair salons, nails salons, and barbershops can be reopened now under some new health restrictions.

But a Houston nail salon is planning to put safety over money before reopening.

Gloss Nail Bar in Houston’s Midtown will be absolutely busy going into Mother’s Day, yet their seats will stay empty.

It’s one of the numerous businesses planned to open Friday under the Texas senator’s staged restart to the Texas economy, which incorporates nail salons, hair salons, barbershops, and tanning salons.

Gleam Nail Bar co-proprietors Quynh Nguyen and Khanh Nguyen are placing individual security to the exclusion of everything else—including money—before reopening up Monday.

“There’s not enough time to set up proper protocols. There’s not enough time to train the technicians,” Quynh Nguyen stated.

She recommended people ensure salons are avoiding potential risks to secure their health and wellbeing.

She stated that her 50 workers are also being extremely careful.

“Half of them are choosing to stay at home, which is completely fine with us. We definitely want them to feel comfortable coming to work,” Quynh Nguyen stated.

The nail spa made some changes.

Khanh Nguyen stated that all customers will be asked to wear a face mask or their session will be canceled.

customers will also be asked to wash their hands and sanitize before getting in to see the technician.

“Usually when clients, they pick out their colors and stuff; we have books and binders where they can look through. We’re going all-digital,” Khanh Nguyen stated.

He stated that they’ve added face masks and the salon will make a space between customers by using every other station as well.

“We’re going to sacrifice half of our revenue, but it’s going to be worth it,” he stated. “We’d rather do half than being shut down again.”

The spa’s proprietors stated that some of the clients’ experience will be much different. However, the salon’s commitment to clients feeling special stays as it is.